D  i V ino
Stefan Wein is „DI Vino“ - German caricaturist, cartoonist and autor „My career as an artist started with a one-year stay in Italy, at Lake Trasimeno, followed by some years in Nuremberg, where I studied Grafic- Arts. After different stations with different passions I finally found my way as caricaturist, always intending to draw „the inner of a model“ even if its a very quick sketch or a cartoon. Since 1994 I have been working as caricaturist, specializing in appearances at trade fairs and corporate events. Since some years now, I‘m also fascinated by digital drawing, which opens up completely new paths and possibilities. I also like working at international trade fairs. My language skills - besides German and English I also speak a bit of French, Spanish and Italian - are very helpful for that. My second passion is writing. In 2017 my book "The Echo and the Bear" was published by Kamphausen-Verlag. Di Vino (Stefan Wein)
about „Di Vino”

Di Vino - digital artist - caricaturist - Live speed drawing and caricature for your event